Sabahi Group is a multi-industry corporate group headquartered in Tehran, Iran. Sabahi Group engages in representation, trade, manufacturing, and engineering in various industrial sectors through its member companies. Mr. Nasser Sabahi, founder and chairman of Sabahi Group, established the first company of the group in 1980.
The member companies of Sabahi Group operate harmoniously, yet autonomously in their respective industries under the umbrella of Sabahi Group. The relationship between the companies are strategically designed to stimulate synergy, where the combined efforts of the group is greater than the sum of the efforts of the companies.

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Message from the Chairman


We often witness the regret of people who say “If I could go back to 10 years ago, I would do so and so.” For us, today is the beginning of the next 10 years; Today, we will be bold, outrageous, and daring so that in 10 years we will say “WE DID!” not “we should have!” It is with great pleasure to welcome you to the Sabahi Group website where alongside the array of high quality products and services we provide to our clients, you will learn of our business, values, ethics, and working standards.

Residing on one of the largest oil and gas reserves in the world, Iran earns an enormous amount of money from oil and gas exports. This has made Iran a significant export destination. 1970 brought the industrial revolution and along with it numerous foreign investments. The flow of foreign investments into Iran magnified the magnitude of Iran’s imports. The rapidly expanding economy of Iran created the need to import more products and services. In this environment, Sabahi Group has succeeded in establishing itself as a leading provider of technology, machinery, and raw materials to the Iran market.
I was raised in a family of merchants in the mid-20th Century,encouraged by my father to pursue a professional career and live as a technocrat. My upbringing positioned me perfectly to gain exposure to the world of merchants in the Iranian market; including the old Bazaar and the modern marketplace. I pursued multiple graduate degrees in the fields of business, engineering, philosophy, and mathematics. While receiving my education in the United States, I always kept an eye on the Tehran Bazaar. I returned to Iran in 1975 with the intention of expanding the family business of exporting dried fruits which my father had established in 1933. I established my first company, Sabahi Enterprises in 1980. My active presence in the Iran market allowed me to recognize the growing need for the import of foreign technology, leading to a pivot of my business from exports, to imports & exclusive representation of foreign manufacturers.
We, in Sabahi Group, have experienced a steady growth due to implementation of innovative strategies and policies. We are determined to uncover our customers’ needs and fill their baskets. We continuously invest in our research for new products and markets to satisfy our customers needs.
Transparency has been the main element of trust and success between the market and us. We strive to provide superior products and services to our customers. Thanks to my brilliant and hardworking staff, we have become one of the most trusted and prominent companies in modern Iran.
Nasser Sabahi
Chairman of Sabahi Group of Companies

Our Vision

To drive a new era of development, growth, and productivity in modern Iran by improving access to the market and inspiring future generations to realize their full potential.

Our Mission

Promote industrial innovation and growth across Iranian industries.

Our Strategy

Supply, represent, and manufacture products and services of exceptional quality in cooperation with the world’s most renowned suppliers of industrial technology. Quality of service and customer satisfaction are the foundations of our business.



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