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Sabahi ENGINEERING Tehran Co.

Sabahi Engineering Tehran Company (SENG) began its activity in 2005, aiming to provide state of art technologies in the fields of new national industries benefiting from well-experienced and skilled experts, as the technical arm of Sabahi Group.
This company has succeeded to established over one hundred factories in different sectors throughout the country. SENG as the exclusive representation of world famous technology leaders, provides the following services:
  • Consultation services before beginning the operation for implementing the project
  • Engineering services
  • Services for supplying and manufacturing the equipment and machineries by turnkey
  • Project management services
  • Providing supervision and project control services
  • Implementing EPC project


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Hatchery Equipment

High quality chicken farming begins with quality breeding of one day old chicks; hence as part of SENG’s poultry integration system, we supply poultry farmers with high-tech modern Hatchery Equipment.
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Poultry Farming Equipment

SENG as the exclusive representative of EI of China, provides designing, manufacturing, and commissioning of poultry farming equipment.
  • Poultry Raising Equipment
    - Breeder
    - Layer
    - Broiler
  • Egg Collection Systems
  • Manure Drying Systems
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Feed mill industry

This company in partnership with KERUNDE Co. has established more than 50 turnkey feed mill projects in Iran.
Our activities include machineries and production lines per below items:
  • Concentrate and premix
  • Livestock, poultry and aquatics feeding plants (Pellet and extrusion)
  • Texture soybean protein
  • Full Fat Soya
  • Bio-Mass
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Grain Silo Industry

Manufacturing and design of Galvanized Silo with capacity of 500—17000 for each silo from KERUNDE Co. of China. SENG has constructed more than 500.000 tons of silo storage capacity in Iran.
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Poultry Slaughtering Machineries

As the exclusive agent of ALBERK Co.from Turkey We provide Designing, consultation and the commissioning of slaughterhouse turnkey projects and machineries with capacities of 2000 to 10000 BPH as below systems:
  • Slaughtering Line
  • Fully automated lines of eviscerating equipment
  • Weighing systems based on weight, volume and meat quality
  • Cut-up lines designed to meet cutting requirements set by various fast food chains And KFC standards
  • Full automatic deboning
  • Whole breast cutting and fillet deskinning unit
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Aquatic Integration

Designing, manufacturing, and commissioning:
  • Cage Farming Systems
  • Hatchery Systems
  • Complete mooring equipment
  • Cutting, Deboning and Packaging
  • Further processing lines
  • Canned Tuna Fish Processing Lines
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Starch Machinery Industry

Myande Group, China, is a leading Company for designing, manufacturing and supplying equipment for manufacturing starch and its derivatives.
  • Production Lines of starch from corn, wheat, potato, rice
  • Starch Sweeteners production lines: Glucose, Maltose, Dextrose and fructose
  • Technology and Engineering services:
    • Modified starch
    • Amino acids: Lysine and Tryptophan
    • Sugar alcohol: Sorbitol and Xylitol
  • Supplying spare parts and after sale services.
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Seed Oil Extraction & Refinery Industry

The most activity of Myande Group in process of oil extraction and Refinery production lines as below:
  • Seed Oil extraction lines; extraction and press approach
  • Oil refinery line
  • SPC and White Flake Production Lines
  • Meal Fermentation lines
  • New technology for controlling the usage of hexane in the extraction process
  • peeling equipment for regulating the protein of soybean meal
  • Technical consulting for quality assurance
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Bakery and Confectionery Machinery

  • Volume and Sheeted Bread
  • Pizza Base and Toppings
  • Laminated Pastries and Bread
  • Cake, Pie & Biscuit
  • Waffles
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Bakery and Confectionery Raw Materials

  • Bread Improvers
  • Mixes and Premixes of Bread and Cake
  • Dividing Oils for Dough Cutting Equipment
  • Milk powder and fat alternatives
  • Release Agent for Baking Mold and Trays
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Training Dept.

Considering the rapid progression of science and technology and the necessity to provide optimum services related to sales and after-sales services, Sabahi Group regards training of managers, staff, and technicians as one of the fundamental plat forms company. We design and implement specialized training courses (theoretical and practical) in consideration of every educational requirements.
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Design, Management and Execution Dept.

Sabahi Group provides the EPC services such as project design, management, and execution services based on the framework of a consortium contract outlining terms of the project.
This department formulates the optimum balance between “Time, Quality and Cost” by taking the following steps:
  • Project Planning
  • Schedule Preparation
  • Defining the Determination Measures & Controlling Levers
  • Inspection and Supervision
  • Preparing Technical and Managerial Reports
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After-sales Services Dept.

After-sales services department based on CRM system as well as relying on 31 years experience of technicians and warehousing facilities for spare parts in MPC Factory, Sabahi Engineering Tehran Company and Sabahi Enterprises Company could attain to providing better services.
Service during the warranty and out of warranty period:
  • Maintenance & repair
  • Troubleshooting
  • Supplying spare parts
  • Training
  • Follow-up for complaints